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The Base Fitness is a private, 24-hour gym located in the Lincoln District of Tacoma, WA. After years of hard work and dedication, the owners realized their dream of business ownership. Dedicated to creating a happier and healthier world through hard work, determination, and discipline, this is not your typical gym. Members are a closely-knit community of military personnel, first responders, medical workers, and health-conscious men and women. In a trainer-focused environment, the community prepares members both physically and mentally to face life’s challenges. Base Fitness reached out to Market Tactics for support in launching their new business brand. They came to us with a name and vision and tasked us with bringing their idea to life.

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Base Finess


  • Newly created business did not have a consistent brand identity, content, or materials.
  • Restricted access to location and need to work within government restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • We needed to create an online presence to support the membership drive
  • Needed e-commerce website allowing members to join online
  • Required specialized API enabling members to access the gym through an electronic security system
  • Position business for expansion into additional markets and territories


  • Created compelling brand identity with unique and easily identifiable mascot
  • Re-design and streamline website ensuring sustained functionality
  • Coordinated development of custom API to allow easy member sign up and door access
  • Create local advertising and outreach for membership drives
  • Design and create social media strategy, content and roadmaps
  • Set up and manage social media accounts
  • Develop and deploy effective SEO and SEM programs



The Base Fitness successfully launched in 2021. The business has met initial membership goals and seen steady growth. With state-of-the-art equipment, award-winning trainers, and a fantastic branding package, the company will continue steady growth and build a fitness empire.

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