Public Adjusters Academy


Public Adjuster Academy prepares students for a career as an insurance adjuster. The in-person class helps students successfully complete the Illinois State Public Adjusters Licensing Exam. From property insurance terms to Illinois legal code, classroom discussion covers the many topics associated with adjusting and is taught by industry experts from around the country. The course gives students the tools they need to be successful in every stage of the disaster response, including mitigation, response, processing, and reimbursement.

Adjuster School
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  • The outdated website did not offer students easily digestible information
  • Branding, content, and materials needed modernization and designed to enhance digital marketing
  • Potential students required online registration and payment options
  • Course materials needed to be unique, compelling and memorable while adhering to branding guidelines
  • The company was not able to optimize Search Engine Marketing and Online Advertising


  • New modern website to reflect the desired direction of the business
  • Integrated payment and registration systems for easy tracking through an internal CRM system
  • Enhanced SEO to ensure potential students can easily find the school
  • Improved SEO and SEM to position business for expansion, both in curriculum and additional markets
  • Updated PPC Campaigns to drive online traffic
  • Restructured google and social media profiles and content


The Adjuster Public Adjuster Academy has helped over 800 students prepare for a career in the insurance industry. Instructors maintain a passing ratio of over 90%. The school has a 5-Star Google Rating. Registrations are up, and many potential students sign up for classes online. Managers are developing new classes and researching expansion into additional locations.  Market share is growing in a highly competitive territory.

Market Tactics continues to be a part of the team managing these continued efforts.

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