Roofing School of America


Their students range from years of roofing experience, all the way to students who know nothing or have never done roofing. 97% pass the exam on the first try. They dedicate themselves to keeping the class fun, educational, and most importantly getting their student licensed.

The Roofing School of America will not only help students get their license but help them grow their business to a higher level.

Roofing School of America, (formerly known as Roofing School of Illinois)  currently offers onsite Exam Prep courses in Chicago, Illinois. They Approached us with the desire to Expand their classes nationwide for both onsite courses and online courses.

This is also the same group that asked us to update their Public Adjuster School for national coverage as well.

roofing school sign

Restoration Builders is an Atlanta-based company with a big idea: to become the largest exterior repair and replacement company in the USA by purchasing 15 companies by 2019. Now they’ve chosen a digital marketing agency with a proven track record in launching brands that can ensure they’re maximizing their exposure and digital brand awareness, as well as utilize their connections and media/press relations expertise to create powerful relationships with local, regional, and national press.


  • School names change to reflect a nation brand.
  • The website was outdated and did not offer the students an easily digestible experience.
  • They required new branding, advertising, and materials reflective of a national company offering onsite and online courses
  • They needed a website that offered online registration and payment options
  • They needed branding of course materials, branding guidelines
  • Online Advertising: paid and organic


  • Development of a new branding package to reflect their name change. Including logos, fonts, and appropriate usage
  • New modern website to reflect the desired direction of the business
  • Integrated payment and registration systems for easy tracking through internal CRM systems
  • Optimized SEO so they’re positioned to expand into other markets
  • Updated PPC Campaigns to drive online traffic
  • Reinforced google and social media properties


The Roofing School of America is currently developing new curriculums and locations now that they have the peace of mind that their online presence and materials are in line to lead them in their future endeavors. Market Tactics continues to be a part of the team managing these continued efforts.





Adjuster School of America