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Roofing School of Illinois offers classroom instruction to students seeking a career in the roofing construction industry. Classes designed to simplify a 4,000-page textbook into easily understood concepts which translate into confident ability to complete jobs.  Students range from seasoned professionals with years of construction and roofing experience, to students who never experienced the building environment. The team is dedicated to creating a fun and effective education environment.

Roofing School of Illinois help students get their license but help them grow their business to a higher level.

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  • Outdated website, difficult to navigate and find information
  • Potential students needed online registration and payment options
  • Branding and materials needed updating and re-design
  • Course materials branding needed to be updated
  • Content needed to be re-created with keywords to enhance digital marketing
  • Online advertising needed to be re-vamped to compete in a higher saturation market


  • Visually appealing website designed to attract a wider demographic of students
  • Optimized content to prepare for expansion into additional territories
  • Integrated payment and registration systems for easy tracking through internal CRM system
  • Enhanced SEO to ensure potential students can easily find the website
  • Improved SEM to position business for expansion, both in curriculum and additional markets
  • Updated PPC Campaigns to drive online traffic
  • Restructured google and social media profiles and content


Roofing School of Illinois is one of the highest rated roofing schools in the country. Student sign-up is on the rise, and many new members sign up and schedule their classes online. More than 1,900 students have successfully completed the Roofing License Exam Prep class.  The instructors boast passing ratios over 90%. The business maintains a 5-Star Google Rating. New curriculums and locations are in development. Market Tactics continues to develop additional business opportunities with Roofing School of Illinois, while building their online reputation and presence..

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